2016 EoT Club Secret Forest Maocha

// Published July 16, 2016 by mgualt

July 15, 2016, 6g/100ml gaiwan [3.6]

Smell of lychee, apricot, mango, incredibly fruity dry leaf smell. Like a fruit compote. Wet leaf has a more herbal and grainy aroma. The wash has a fruity sweetness and very light and medicinal, not like any puerh I have tried.

Very perfumed, like a tisane. It does have a very juicy aftertaste, not bitter.

The arrival is citrus juice, medium-low viscosity, does produce salivation and tastes like a white tea-tisane combo.

Unknown species, probably Taliensis. The best thing about it is the amazing dry leaf aroma and the juicy aftertaste. What’s missing is any resemblence to Puerh. Interesting to experience a sample, no doubt, but I have 500-600g of this!

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