2003 Wistaria Zipin

// Published July 18, 2016 by mgualt

5.5g/70ml gaiwan. [8.0]

Thanks again to James for the opportunity to try this cake. I am greatly enjoying this tea, very powerful, darker than the Nannuo Ziyin which I slightly prefer on first impressions. here are some observations:

1. There is a gentle fireplace smokiness in the aroma and flavour of this tea but it is tightly bound with the basement/furniture/leather aspect which is probably related to the storage, and as we go to the late steeps (and this has extreme longevity in my experience, 20+steeps) these become almost indistinguishable from each other.

2. The aftertaste of this tea is totally unique for me so far in that it behaves just like a sweet blooming juicy sensation but it is not sweet – instead it is kind of oily/spicy almost like a very mild chili oil with sour ginger in it… sorry difficult to describe, kind of a gasoline huigan. The aftertaste lingers for a long time, minutes certainly, and transforms into a sichuan pepper numbing feeling. Very impressive mouth and throat activity where you can feel the liquid go into the stomach and pass the sphincter. again apologies.

3. by the second steep I can feel a bit of heat in the lower back, by steep 3 face is hot, and by steep 6 there is an overwhelming heat concentrated in legs and face. Fun.

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