2016 W2T Into the Mystic

// Published July 19, 2016 by mgualt

5.2g 70ml glazed pot. [4.5]

Dry leaf fruity pungent honey daisy.

Strong bitter smell wet leaf, wash very light, young sheng taste, aftertaste active, but mild.

  1. Slight smoke on aroma, interesting aftertaste, juicy umami, numbing afterwards honey pungent on empty cha hai
  2. Tannins, strong aftertaste numbness, heat but could be temp.  Flowery huigan. Quite high thickness, can feel going down.  
  3. Quite strong wildflower aroma on wet leaf, heartbeat 80, dark yellow, bitter, tannins, really oolongy aroma on wet leaf.
  4. Still very floral and honey, but bitter and tannins. To the fore.
  5. Super heat after fourth. Nice wild flower aftertaste, oolong, orchid,
  6. Dark yellow darker, kind of sweeter now, grain, tannins not too rough.
  7. Sweating consistently from this.  Very thick, sweeter still,
  8. Sweet huigan,  

I was a bit disappointed with this session, must re-session when it’s not so wet?

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