2016 W2T Heart of the City

// Published July 20, 2016 by mgualt

July 20, 2016 5g 70ml gaiwan [6.8]

Wash light pleasant, active in mouth.  Aroma is usual young sheng, with bit more basement.  Salivating more than for Into the Mystic.   

  1. Quite sweet, herbal, floral, clearing, and quite strong umami aspect.  Salivation.  More vegetal on wet leaf
  2. More bitter.  
  3. Sweetness, pleasant, then mouth coating tannins.  But the sweetness is present and clear.  Minty in back of throat,
  4. Heat, sweetness
  5. Big huigan after reheat water, relax mouth
  6. Tannins without overt bitterness. Sweet!
  7. Grapes, has that basement oily sensation, umami long aftertaste
  8. Deep heat, pit of stomach, vibrating heat quite active.  rising to back and face.  Feel heartbeats.

Quite some tannins and bitter when pushed, but a real big sweetness, minty back of throat, sweet blooming aftertastes, with an umami taking over in the late aftertaste. Grapes, with some oily basement notes. Deep heat, pit of stomach, vibrating heat rising to back and face, I can feel heartbeats. Leaf material is a bit cut up but nice leaves and some quite large leaves.

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