2006 Tian Jian Wild

// Published July 24, 2016 by mgualt

5g/80ml unglazed pot, sample from Wilson (2006 Tian Jian Wild), [5.9]

The dry leaf has a really intense aroma of furniture/camphor/wood oils/dried figs/aged whisky/smoky sausage. No wet or fungal smell whatsoever. Similar aroma on wash, and the wet leaves have still some tangy youth but much less than what you would expect from age, I guess. Similar in wet leaf aroma to 2005 YQH Cangliu.

  1. Early steeps: Smoky arrival (“retired smoke” — seems like pine smoke?) with smoked meat and then honey, juicy ripe red fruits or turkish figs with some tanginess. Goes away clean leaving throaty wood oils and spice. Some heat starting in the back of neck and ears but subsides quickly.
  2. Mid-steeps give small blooming huigan. Small amount of warming throughout body. Flavour starts to weaken but maintains some huigan, sweet and sometimes metallic. Tannins are starting to show up, soft, but no bitterness.
  3. Starting steep 7-8 starting to feel more heat, ginger face heat, back and face much stronger heat. Tannins actually start to subside. Seems to do much better with longer steeps, never bitter, gives a lot more flavour. Plums, sweeter experience. Even till steep 13-16 still have some salivation.

This is a relatively gentle experience, no fireworks, very solid clean aged taste, medium thickness, some small tannins, no bitterness, some huigans, and some mild warming-qi. It appears to me to be very well-rounded. The only extreme aspect is the smoke-herbal aroma which emanates into the room. Considering the price is $.17USD/g, it strikes me as an incredibly good value.

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