2016 W2T Diving Duck

// Published July 25, 2016 by mgualt

5g/70ml gaiwan. [5.5]

This  strikes me as a more normal young sheng than e.g. the Head, Mystic, Tuhao, all of which had oolong tendencies (though this may be due to freshness.   It strikes me as perhaps better for aging than Tuhao, Mystic, or Head.  Lots going on, many interesting things behind the bitterness and tannins.  Not nearly as pleasant for drinking now as, for example, the Tyler or the Heart of the City.

Fruity sheng aroma on damp leaf. Savoury wet leaf aroma, darker profile.

Wash is good, no smoke, bitter.

  1. Early steeps: very floral wet leaf, with some green pepper. Colour is yellowish beige rather than bright yellow. No oolonginess. Tannins are readily apparent, sometimes rough,  and there is some bitterness. Lots of perfume notes and complex florals.  Arrival is umami, and there is clear huigan with some sweet and bitter notes. There is a depth of flavour and the aroma on the liquor is floral, honey and quite good.
  2. Middle steeps have a long aftertaste, rough tannins but a lot sweeter and less bitter. Again there is a complex taste, savoury and sweet with some bitter and lots of tannins. The wet leaves are not nearly as green as e.g. Tuhao. Warming begins in face and belly and grows quite strong.  Still bitter but with lots of other things mixed in.
  3. Some vegetable soup taste creeps in in the later steeps like 7-8 , maybe it’s too wet at this point. Texture is kinda rough. Not really for drinking now.  Later steeps have lots of flavour and strength and are very warming, lower back, chest, face and arms.


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