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// Published July 26, 2016 by mgualt

July 25, 2016, 5g/70ml gaiwan, [7.6]

Silvery leaves among dark ones, medium compression. Tomato sauce on damp leaf.

Nice wash, medium thickness, feel going down, some activity soft texture.

Wildflower, pungent honey, urine on wet leaf, perfume.

  1. Minty cooling.  No smoke, some salivating. Mini huigans on roof of mouth.  Lots of umami feeling around mouth, and warming is starting.
  2. Thick and velvety texture.  Sweet starting in arrival.  Very soft tannins.  Stronger heat, relaxation.  Heat back, chest, ears.
  3. Lots of salivation, mild bitterness, quick steep,  get sweetness conversion in mid taste keeping liquor in mouth
  4. Sakura leaves aroma on wet leaf.  High thickness, aged taste, leather, basement, mothballs.  Strong floral aroma on liquor, sweet huigans but very umami.
  5. Head heat, back of head, chest arms, super heating, and sweetness is coming through, super soft texture, even though the tannins are there.
  6. Beige yellow, not totally yellow, almost as if there are aged leaves.  Lotus.
  7. Real nice fruit fresh fruit sensation in development. Huigan still going, heavy head, lethargy.  Effervescent feeling, champagne
  8. Heat and salivation.
  9. Now its a total heat in all directions. Back of head makes head bend back, numbing sides of face, weird biting thing.
  10. Sleep inducing.very bizarre neuro effect, paralysis or no feeling of soreness, but when I palpate muscle find it’s in a very specific knot, much easier to understand what’s going on than usual inflammation problem.
  11. Numbing, seems to deaden the pain sensors.
  12. Still sweet, no vegetable broth.  Heating like crazy.


July 16, 2016 5.1/80ml glazed pot [7.7]

Fruity dry leaf, gray black silver.  Honey, floral, ripe fruits, peach,  pakistani mango (Chaunsa). 

Wash almost clear very light briny, aroma similar to dry leaf quite thick hough and producing some mouth effect

  1. Familiar young sheng pure taste, heat starting, back of head prickly ears slack jaw .  Slow moving down, thick, medium to high thickness, weird teeth trembling upon light closure.
  2. Side of face paralysis feeeling, can feel tannins soft on top of mouth.
  3. First hint of juicy tongue aftertaste.  If you hold liquor in mouth, get an almost effervescent sensation or a delayed juiciness.  Heat continuing all over, more aware of breathing.  
  4. Some matcha umami gyokuro style, clean pure taste like that tannins numbing the mouth,strong tannins now
  5. More bitterness, heat continuing
  6. Heat
  7. Heat
  8. Heat continues, now stronger salivation and long aftertastes
  9. Continuous salivation, really strong now!
  10. Numbness
  11. Heat and numbness and salivation,
  12. Long feeling of heat and relaxed breathing




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