2016 EoT Club Manlin

// Published July 27, 2016 by mgualt

July 26, 2016.  6g in 90ml gaiwan.  [5.2]

Darker fruity leather aroma

Savoury salty wash, drying, with long aftertaste, no smoke, proper. 

  1. Yellow peach colour, nice savoury, not too bitter, bit if astringent.  Aftertaste of umami.  No sweetness so far.  Significant heating, breathing awareness, chest upper back.  Some green tea but dark.
  2. Really umami, dark, not bad, soft tannins definitely present.  Starting to convert to a tad of sweetness.
  3. Very warming, quite strong, slow breathing
  4. Strong heating, small amount of sweetness, kind of constant taste. Medium thickness, noticeable medium tannins.  
  5. Low sweetness, high strength heating, digestion aid! Fairly thick.

Leaves are quite small, some red margins and midribs.   PRO: heating, relaxing, umami  CON: a bit boring, no sweetness, not much throat or huigan. low longevity.


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