2016 EoT Club Wuliang Wild

// Published July 27, 2016 by mgualt

Aug 10, 5.5g/80ml pot [3.5]

Dry leaf: overripe fruit and smoke. Damp leaf: very fruity, apricot-peach-mango-strawberry

Wash: Very light bitter arrival, salivating finish, not resembling puerh, more like a tisane.  Wet leaf is reminiscent of young sheng, with bitter greens/tomato plant but with a smoky funky fermented smell.


  1. Yellow, watery, like a wild varietal. Active aftertaste.
  2. pale  yellow, medicinal, some sweetness comes through, medium-low thickness. Salivation definitely.  Heat starting to build in chest. An umami feeling with a bit of salivation. Quite salty.  Heat down arms. Aware of breathing
  3. Calm and muscle relaxign  Same subtle taste. Like a combination of sheng and the secret forest maocha/taliensis. very mild. Warming.  The aroma has more depth now, smoky fruits.  Taste is tisane like. Small tannins. there is some relaxation.
  4. pungent ammonia aroma, a bit.
  5. diminishing
  6. dandelion milk funky vegetal taste
  7. Nothing now…

July 23, 2016, 5g/70ml gaiwan, [3.0]

Dry leaf combo of fruity and aged furniture smell. Mix of buds and leaves, green and dark, char on buds, lots of oxidation purple splotches, not sure what varietal, very subtle serrations, almost none.

Some smoke on damp leaf, fruit like.

Wash: slight smoke on aroma, smoke on taste, with some salivation action and fruit in background.  Fruitiness is white tea like but minor component.

  1. Smoke on aroma, pale yellow green, smoky sweet arrival, active on tongue, typical young sheng with char taste but with fruity background, not too sweet.
  2. Smoke aroma, astringency, aftertaste is vegetal, slightly off
  3. Smoke prominent in taste, reminds me of some cheaper YS shengs, tannins on roof of mouth, alertness slight, white tea feeling.
  4. Vegetable soup flavour, low viscosity, taste is not bad, kind of sweet smoky, some aftertaste, tannins on roof mouth, feeling some heat sweat aftertaste is a slight pineapple sweetness.
  5. Sickly fruitiness, long aftertaste, bathroom break.
  6. Making me feel agitated. Not sure if caffeine, somewhat laughing.
  7. Thicker body now, weird sweetness subsiding and getting more proper huigan
  8. Lotus taste
  9. Some heat, lower abdomen, face, aftertaste not compelling, vegetal, tannins softer
  10. Bitterness slight, vegetal, medicinal, kind of dying, not interesting.

Cf with purple leaf tea 2012 YS yiwu purple autumn quite different but a lot in common, mouthfeel, citrus fruitiness, I think it is purple leaf.  Some have suggested it may not even be C. Sinensis. Conversation with EoT doesn’t narrow down the species or varietal. My operating theory is that it’s a “Wild Purple” varietal of purple, which is still C. Sinensis, but we have no confirmation. 

I got a photo of leaves (dry/wet)  for Wu Liang Ye Sheng 2014 from Yunnan Sourcing, included in the photos below at the end.  

 Together with the “Secret Forest” Maocha, this was a disappointing inclusion into the club — the odd varietals are good for a taste but not for large quantities. Also there is a value issue as e.g. wild purple teas are overwhelmingly cheaper and widely available.




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