2015 W2T Last Thoughts

// Published July 30, 2016 by mgualt

July 29, 2016. 5g/70ml gaiwan. [7.8]

Significantly better than the 2016 W2T LT which was tasted just previously.  Bigger aroma, better body effects, but very similar in almost all respects.

Beautiful big leaf material, loose compression. Aged basement smell with fruity pungent sheng combo. On wash: peach beige yellow, black tea taste, some salivation.  Wet leaf really has that aged smell, leather, books.

  1. Dancong hints but with lots of salivation and darker, less fruit. Great pungent honey aroma, really strong floral. wet leaf has a wet leather aspect.
  2. Sweet huigans back of throat, heat starting, back of head back of arms, feel vibrating energy up spine, feel good, shivers.
  3. Tannins more, heat up spine and  down arms again, some slight euphoria.
  4. Amazing aged taste for 2015 tea.
  5. Juicy huigans, ripe fruits, red grapes.
  6. Long aftertaste, floral pungency is very persistent. 
  7. Similar aged sensation to the EoT Guafengzhai 2014 which i really liked.  It’s like a precursor to the aged taste.
  8. Still low tannins, lots of colour  (90s)
  9. High heat on legs and face.
  10. The deeper into the steeps we go, the more aged it seems.  

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