2016 W2T Last Thoughts

// Published July 30, 2016 by mgualt

Sept 2 2016, 3.6g/60ml gaiwan. [6.2]

Retaste after a Wistaria flight. Clean, fresh, proper taste, with a good body effect.  Dancong or oolong effect is much diminished this time.

It has a very good example of the heavy paralysis effect in the early steeps, bringing heat and slowing down breathing.  Medium to high thickness, some salivating aftertastes, and a genuinely good and medium-strong pungent aroma.  Later on, with some delay in steeps 7-10 get a very noticeable frisson with waves of energy feeling, replenished on each steep. Also much later on, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, can still feel the shivering goosebumps kind of activity.

So the tea is active, with a good aroma and a strong body effect. It doesn’t have as full a taste, or a penetrating gasoline strength, or a really lasting and strong aroma like some of the Wistaria teas, even the longpa.


July 29, 2016. 5g/70ml gaiwan. [7.2]

Dry leaf has a pungent and fruity honey aroma, but on the darker side.  Very nice leaves, black with a few silver.

The wet leaf has an unmistakeable Dancong aspect to it.

Very nice juicy tropical aftertaste on wash.  Peach beige liquor, rather than yellow.  Gentle but very nice taste, medium thickness.

  1. Pungent florals, some oolong, no smoke, nice honey sweetness, florals.  Heat back of neck.  Quite thick. Medium+ thickness.
  2. Tiny bitterness, very soft texture, slightly oily.  Heat rising to face, temples, lower back.  Pungent aroma on liquor is persistent.  Grapes for sure, some residual bitterness like grape stems.  
  3. Really nice aroma, floral pungent urine… relaxing I would say, but not too powerful so far.  Medium to high thickness
  4. Salivating, very low tannins, not really bitter but has a complex flavour.  Intoxicating aroma. Most aromatic of all the 2016 teas so far.  Relaxing.
  5. (25s) some bitterness but integrated with sweetness and huigan. Heat rising to face, chest, major warming now, some tannins, fresh fruit lychee or something sweet. Apple maybe.  
  6. (30s.) Sweat on back and face but not destroying like untitled 02.  Still aroma is incredible.  Huigan gentle, very pleasant, super soft tannins.  High thickness. Long vibrating aftertaste, flavour continuing, long.  Heat rises up spine. Tannins came out now, coating teeth.  
  7. Continuing experience. Heat, enjoyment.

Soft velvety texture, remarkable pungent floral aroma, and strong heating, with well-integrated bitterness.  Very enjoyable in an absolute sense.

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