2015 EoT Autumn Chawangshu

// Published August 3, 2016 by mgualt

Aug 3, 2016. 5g/70ml gaiwan. [6.0]

  1. The material for this tea is very nice – dark, large leaves, with some silver.  Loose compression. Very similar if not better than the W2T Last thoughts in appearance.  Thick stems and whole leaves.
  2. Very thick tea right from the start. medium-high to high thickness. Not much bitterness, and some tannins creep in steeps 4-8 but these are not too bad at all, medium tannins.
  3. Yellow-peach colour, slight aged taste and juicy aftertastes, very similar to W2T Last Thoughts except significantly more umami. Very savoury especially in the early steeps.  Matcha/Gyokuro notes, green notes on first 2 steeps.
  4. Classic Yiwu pungent floral aroma is really intense and permeates whole head. Lasts for many steeps and a long time on the resting liquor. Besides this the other great quality of this tea is the taste in the very back of the throat. It is a good example of tasting the actual flavour deep in the throat, and I see why it is so satisfying to have that reservoir of taste back there.
  5. There is a part of the arrival where the flavour kind of blanks out, you get a weird vegetal note which is kind of milky. The best thing I can compare it to is weak Chrysanthemum tea. This is a part of the arrival which I don’t like and I haven’t had this experience with a premium Yiwu before.  I experienced this from Steeps 2 — 10 or so. Thankfully the tea recovers from this and delivers nice aftertastes, otherwise it would be quite insipid in the mid-steeps.
  6. There is heat, face heat, some relaxation.

So far this tea, together with the Yibang ancient, and then the Manlin is my favourite of the club teas.  Glad that I am finding some that I like.

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