2016 EoT Club Yibang Ancient Tree

// Published August 3, 2016 by mgualt

Aug 2, 2016 5g/70ml gaiwan. [6.3]

Dry/Damp leaf very fruity with some strength.

Light yellow-peach wash, citrus, “fresh scent” perfume aroma

Wet leaf active bitter veggies with some oolong.

  1. Medium+ thickness, has some bitterness but has an interesting aftertaste to back it up.  Very strong flavour, no smoke. Empty cup is a very perfumey kind of honey. Not like Chawangshu, has some perfume, which I realized later on is Lilac – interesting aroma note!
  2. Not much astringency though the bitterness and strength is coming through. Thicker, now high thickness.
  3. Getting some heat, prickly upper body, and a sweet-bitter complex flavour. Strong lilac!  Sweaty face.

4. and 5. high thickness, dark yellow, medium tannins.

6. and 7. Brilliant yellow, lot of strength and very energetic. Super energy, inspiring me to shout about politics. Very active in the mouth, wildflowers, field flowers.

later steeps 12 till 17: a lot more sweetness, coupled with more tannins. sugary sweetness, not plum, but more towards apricot.

The leaves are kind of small for ancient leaves, but this is apparently normal for Yibang. Thick midribs which is good. There are a couple of small red hard leaves, not sure what to make of them.  Too bad I only got a sample of this due to late sign-up, thought the Autumn Chawangshu kind of makes up for it.


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