2016 EoT Club Huangshanshu Single Tree

// Published August 4, 2016 by mgualt

Aug 4, 2016, 5.9g/90ml gaiwan. [7.1]

This tea is apparently from a single tree near Bangwei in Simao.

The pungent aroma is very similar to the floral/honey/urine signature I get from some Yiwu teas but is distinct from it. It has similar elements but is a darker version of it, less floral and more aged/leather/books.  The aroma is one of the major assets of the tea.

Viscosity is high, and the texture is soft, with tannins coming in in steeps 2-4. Can feel the liquor go down the throat, very coating and causes hiccups.

Taste is strongly savoury, very umami and not sweet at all until steeps 8-10 where it peeks out a bit.  Has some bitterness but well-integrated in the overall taste.  Savoury and long aftertastes and can feel the taste deep down, remarkably so in the first couple of steeps. Perhaps due to the savoury, taste seems “aged” and becomes more so as we move on.  Aftertaste is more focused on the savoury note and not really juicy, not salivating much. A strong present taste lasts well into 12 steepings and is quite pleasant all the way through.

Produces heat at steep 2, face heat and leads to a gentle heating throughout, a bit relaxing and feeling a bit lethargic. Body effects are not very strong.

Leaf material is extremely consistent, all leaves look alike, thick midribs, medium size leaves and very distinct ribs, not super-thin which seems like a good sign.


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