2004 DTH Yiwu

// Published September 20, 2016 by mgualt


Sept 19, 2016, 4.7g/85ml unglazed pot. [8.0]

This was a small session from the loose leaves which came off the 2004 cake. It was my first taste of the Dragon Tea House tea and it was quite impressive.

The damp leaf has a very sweet smell which I have not encountered before, like a dessert fruit of some kind.

The wash is active on the tongue, goes right back and coats the throat, and is quite thick.

  1. Great aroma top note – dates or plum. Real strength on tongue, feeling qi waves, prickly numb mouth, throat, and cheeks. Salivation, phlegm. Aroma of fruits in mouth. Upper back and chest vibrations. Really quite good and surprising that it comes on so quickly.
  2. Tangy, feel the strength. Heat on face. Salivation. Juiciness. Feeling happy and uplifted. The wet leaf is basement with sweet strong herbs
  3. Quite strong oil strength effect on tongue and roof of mouth. Medicinal and herbal with some bitterness. Really inspired, ecstatic feeling.
  4. Liquor has been and continues to be quite cloudy/glowing. Lots of flavour, vibrating throat and face has a kind of tangy sweet strength dominant taste.  There is a storage/basement note, which is stronger than say the YQH Lingya but much less prominent than any of the Wistaria teas for example.
  5. Great cooling/heating feeling. Joy, strength, not extremely thick, I would say medium-high thickness.

Extremely long-lasting pungent aroma on empty cup.  The tea packs power, flavour, and has wonderful qi. I look forward to confirming this on the next session.

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