2006 YQH Wuyangcha

// Published September 20, 2016 by mgualt

Sept 19, 2016, 4.6g/80ml glazed pot [6.1]

Typical YQH minty-camphor aroma but with slight smoke. Wet leaf is perfumed and pungent.

  1. Quite thick and coating the back of the mouth. Pungent aroma. Some smoke.
  2. Salivation and metallic aftertaste
  3. Oily strength penetration with vegetal backdrop. Some huigans starting up. Spicy at the back of the throat. Heat, face sweats, deep breathing, dry throat.
  4. Major face sweat. Sweet and spicy resdiual taste, leading to vegetal long aftertaste.
  5. Full sweet/numb mouth feeling, salivation. Still no head/mind effect.
  6. uplift beginning, cooling, shivers on back. Salivation continues but this is brief.
  7. Uplift and shivering. Short lived, no joy, no emotion, but frisson.
  8. weaker, some chocolate notes, slight sweet aftertaste.
  9. Losing strength but still good aftertaste.

The overall taste is herbal and not sweet. Medicinal and thick, with clear strength effect. Cooling with uplift but without emotion. Heat face sweats.

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