2005 YQH Yuanshi Senlin Huangshan Cha

// Published September 21, 2016 by mgualt

Sept 21, 2016, 4.6g/80ml glazed pot, [8.3]

Dry leaf: older, drier, more old-furniture version of the YQH smell. Not as minty or fruity but more woody and dry.

Wash is light orange/brown, active on tongue. Very thick already, viscous, smooth coats mouth and cheeks. Long but mild aftertaste and a sweet long cup aroma.

  1. Super clean, some bbq savoury, spicy, very coating of mouth surfaces. Very full taste, can feel strength effect on tongue but not extreme. Aroma is expanding, spice, wood, pungent but lower register than e.g. CWS. semisweet, but not sweet.
  2. 10s was too long – bitterness. Numb mouth. Clear strength. Heat up the neck, relaxation beginning. Very full taste, slightly sweet, with woody herbs.
  3. Heat. Full taste. Salty. Briny.  Feeling the strength effect on the tongue and top of mouth especially. Long aroma on mouth and empty cup. Numb, very relaxing, dreamy effect, like being on a raft in the sun. Very sleepy and drifting off into a reverie
  4. (<5 s steeps still) Hitting super hard. Sleepy. Spine chills. Major motion along the spine, lower to upper back. Big flavour spicy herbs.
  5. Spine tingling. Heat. Huge flavours. Not high florals but sweet-metallic strength, with some small amount of woodsmoke/oil. Huge waves of relaxing qi.
  6. (5s) Face numb. Super stoning effect.
  7. (5s) so sleepy
  8. Very slow moving wave of frisson from lower back up to head, down to legs and arms, taking more than 20 seconds to complete and then it continues cycling as I breathe. Still great thickness and taste
  9. Still briny, slightly smoky sweet herbal taste, with distinctive metallic-strength aftertaste.
  10. [left at this point for several hours, then returned] Still has quite strong taste
  11. Extending steep times to 20s and beyond. Losing taste and effect but still has a very pleasant taste and strength effect, as well as low-level relaxation which goes on for another 7 or 8 steeps.

This tea has a bold taste, more towards the briny, metallic woodspice with a touch of sweetness. It is also durable.  Most importantly it has a remarkable body/mind effect: it put me into a dreamy state of half-sleepiness with circulating waves of frisson energy moving about the body.  Totally different from, say the 16 W2T Untitled which just couched me in expansive lethargy, or from the 06 YQH Chawangshu which inspires euphoria and joy.


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