2005 Xiaguan FT 8653 Non-Iron

// Published October 1, 2016 by mgualt

Sept 30, 2016, 3.1g in new Yixing pot 56.5ml [7.1]

Damp leaf: Flinty smoke, gunpowder.
Wash: Clean, sweet, thick, nice texture. Some good smoke and salivation
Wet leaf: Sweet dark fruits, plum jam, boiled fruits, gasoline.
The aroma is minty sweet herbals and boiled fruits, not pungent florals, and the aroma seems to fill the air or at least emerges from the mouth/throat.
The mouthfeel is thick, viscous, coating and with a strong flavour: the arrival is not quite savoury or fully sweet but a kind of slightly sweet herbal with a touch of smoke, but a very clear and satisfying taste. There is some great productive bitterness if you push it a bit, leading to a salivating aftertaste of sharp hard candy sweetness.
Around steeps 4-7 got some inspiring motion up to the head with face numbness and a comforting soft warming uplifting feeling.
This has a great combination of emergent aroma, bold flavour, sharp sweet aftertaste and a decent qi effect. Good looking material with some very large leaves.


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