2008 DTH Yiwu

// Published October 4, 2016 by mgualt

Oct 1, 2016, 3.5g/64ml gaiwan [7.1]

Dry leaf: sweet herbs, mint, no funk
Damp: Minty, fruity, touch of baking spices/grain
Wet: Familiar fruity smell, possibly grapes. Very perfumed, rich natural sweet perfume.
Wash: Clean, medium-high thickness, active, mild.

1. Pungent aroma, green grapes, Juicy and perfumed. Slick texture, some oily strength effect on mouth surfaces. Long sweet aftertaste.

2. Mid-dark orange. Arrival is a bit savoury and briny with immediate pungency, becomes *very* sweet immediately after. This is drier in the initial taste than the 2009 but really delivers on huigan. Significantly better taste + aftertaste experience than 2009.

3. Long aftertaste of sweetness similar to pear or mild fruit. Interesting dry arrival followed by sweet pear and raisins. Emergent pungent floral honey aroma.

4. Bitterness and astringency is significantly less than the 2009, but there is a nice bitterness showing up here, leading to lots of sweetness and aroma.

5. The sweet aftertaste and complexity of the flavour that goes with it is quite good.

6. Herbs, perhaps rosemary?

7. Maintains the dry -> sweet effect. Relaxing effect.

8. Heating and starting to feel uplifting qi. It is a slow creeping tide which rises up and maintains an elevated energy feeling generally. Lower back rising up to the top of the head along the back side.

From steeps 9-12 feel a general elevation in skin sensitivity, slight cooling and frisson, not in waves but a general upgrade. I get an interesting oolong aftertaste in the very long aftertaste, as a residual experience.

I enjoyed this better than the 2009, good flavour and productive bitterness, some heat and a bit of a qi experience but not a heavy hitter in this regard, at least not in this session.

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