2008 DTH Yiwu

// Published October 10, 2016 by mgualt

Oct 10, 2016 3.5g/64ml gaiwan [6.8]

Dry: Pungent fruity, no storage
Damp: Clean pungent fruity
Wet: Great pungent plum, candy, red dates, longan, other fruits.
Wash: Active, strength coating, salivation, mild sweetness

  1. Wet leaf has recognizable fruit, could be longan or lychee and grape.  Longan and date flavour persists on liquor. Awkward bitter/sweet arrival, some astringency and clear strength, mild huigan. Qi waves back of head.
  2. Fruity/vegetal note is prominent, some astringency
  3. Bitter + sweet and odd fruit taste. Herbal. Awkward non-unified taste almost like a mix of young and old.
  4. Relaxation, numbing, dominant taste not compelling.
  5. Far less sweet than other years, not briny but rather mineral and astringent
  6. Blank arrival, mild vegetal flavour. Some qi but low intensity. Some stomach upset. Astringent and bitter without any support from sweet/herbal
  7. strong rising spine frisson. Bitterness
  8. Lots of qi in this but not compelling in other respects

Variable session, no good aftertaste, could be in flux period as it does have some strong qi effects and an interesting fruit notes. Better than but similar to 2010+11.

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