2009 DTH Yiwu

// Published October 10, 2016 by mgualt

Oct 10, 2016 3.5g/64ml gaiwan [7.4]

Much better session this time round. As before, larger unbroken leaves, looser compression than 2008, more whole leaves.

Dry: pleasant sweet herbal
Damp: Standard, grainy, mid-aged smell, like Qixiang
Wet: Strength, sweet wood, bitter-active, perfume. Pleasant. No storage
Wash: Clean, medium thickness, Sweet. Active light sweetness, salivation and mild strength coating.

  1. Mild strength coating, sweetness. Wet leaf has bark, furniture, mushroom, sweet florals.
  2. Cake spices, nutmeg, much sweeter and the sweetness comes very nicely with bitterness. Larger strength coating. Much more interesting taste than 2008. Emergent aroma of pungent flowers. Long lasting sharp fruit on tongue. Some astringency but OK.
  3. Big flavour. Bitterness held up with sweetness. Spicy. Buzzing on mouth. Herbal twinge which appears in high notes.
  4. Some rustling energy beginning in body, abdomen
  5. Coating mouth with oily strength, astringency has prolonged effect. Fuzzy feeling, calming, relaxing qi on neck, chin, face, back. Small mini waves moving down, sleepiness.  Similar in taste to some steeps of WS Hongyin.
  6. Heavy head. Herbal, powerful strength effect coating mouth surfaces.
  7. Bold big taste, strong gripping mouthfeel. Sweetness and bitterness together, pleasant.
  8. Much enjoyment. Slowing, relaxing, Dazed. Paralysis effect with bitter sweetness.  Some mild sweating.

This session was far better, It seems that I much prefer 2009 to 2008. There is some similarity among the 2009, 2012, and 2014 which makes them stand out. We’ll see if this persists on further tastings.

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