2012 DTH Yiwu

// Published October 10, 2016 by mgualt

Oct 4, 2016. 3.5g/64ml gaiwan [7.6]

Dry: Sweet aged wood
Wet: Smoky young sheng+aged basement furniture combination. Aged wood.
Wash: Wildflower aroma, sweet salivating aftertaste, high thickness. Very nice

  1. Perfume fragrance on wet leaf. Woody mushroom wild florals, very nice.  Aroma is permeating. Very thick and smooth. Strength present in very sweet aftertaste. Big huigan. Very pungent lid smell, perhaps most pungent so far.Long lasting sweet aftertaste. All on first steep!
  2. Very soft texture, some bitterness shows up but extreme sweet huigan. Long aftertaste of floral blooms
  3. Quite bitter but immediate conversion to sweet and aroma
  4. Aroma is really fantastic, as is aftertaste. Some tannins on mouth edges. Red grapes
  5. Body effect begins, feel a wave to the head. Slow breathing, continued sweet aftertaste.
  6. Heat to the face, still very sweet. Quite relaxing, prompts me to lie down.
  7. Wonderful taste, some smokiness shows in the sweet salivating aftertaste.
  8. Frisson in the upper back and neck. Salivation.
  9. Mild uplift. Not a huge effect. Growing. Still lots of flavour at this point
  10. Mild energy circulating in the neck.
  11. Refreshing waves of mild qi on each steep.

This tea has none of the problems of 2010 and 2011. It is very enjoyable in every area. The body effect was muted however, and I would like to retaste to verify this.   Definitely one of the recommended years, but at this point 2014 easily beats it. (so do 2004 and above all 2006).

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