2014 DTH Yiwu

// Published October 10, 2016 by mgualt

Oct 2, 2016, 3.5g/64ml gaiwan [8.0]

Dry: Sweet, dark, no storage, no basement
Damp: Same
Wet: Quite attractive, tomatoo plant/vine, dark perfume, reminds me of WS Qingteng
Wash: Clean active, slight savoury arrival, enjoyable. Not sweet.

  1. Good texture, sweet huigan, emergent aroma, pungent florals, energy rush to head.
  2. Bitter to sweet conversion, big flavour, emergent aroma over long period.
  3. Darker perfume on wet leaves, gasoline strength, fruity with gasoline, quite bitter but enjoyable, very sweet and briny at the same time. The astringency is medium. More of the savoury mouth feel
  4. Really enjoying this, very active on tongue, savoury.
  5. Compelling taste and huigan. Aroma diminishes.
  6. More astringency, face numbing
  7. Sweeter, feeling some rustling energy in the upper back and relaxing arms. Really sweet!! Waves moving up to the neck and sides of face. Cotton candy, light form of sweetness, and qi circulation in the chest, back, neck, back of head, pins and needles on the face!
  8. Astringency is under control, complex taste, sweetness with bitterness, extremely compelling.
  9. Continued
  10. More frisson, intense sweetness with astringency. Sustained circulating goosebump effect, very strong body effect.
  11. Continued
  12. Long lasting body effect, high sweetness continuing

This was quite remarkable, with bold effects in every area as well as a compelling complexity of taste.  Sweetness was particular and nuanced cotton candy light sweetness. Bitterness was really well paired with the sweetness and reminded me a lot of WS Hongyin 2007.  The body effect for this session was really something, with circulating waves of goosebumps and internal motion. Highly recommended.

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