2005 Dayi 8582 502

// Published October 24, 2016 by mgualt

Oct 20 and 24, 2016, 3.9g in 70ml Novak Shibo. [7.5]
First two sessions with new cake bought on auction.


The dry leaf is slightly smoky, sweet, a bit of (good) basement, somewhat similar to YQH house aroma. On damp leaves got a lot of red fruit high notes, very pleasant, no funk. Wet leaves showed strength, bitter herbs, aged basement aroma with pungent youth, deep macerated fruit smell.

The wash was good: somewhat briny, slightly cloudy, bright orange, mild herbal arrival, feeling strength on mouth and throat surface, salivation, emergent floral aroma, medium thickness, some sweetness in aftertaste.

Early steeps:
1. Very active in the mouth, attractive pungent aroma of herbals and camphor, quite strong taste to start with. Long slightly juicy aftertaste. Can feel energy rustling in the deep pit of stomach. Not sweet overall. Some arm frisson.
2. Slight metallic/sharp briny taste (good) with a dollop of heat to the upper torso and head.
3. Coating mouth with oil/gas strength effect. Slightly more bitter but with a big flavour, and beginning waves in the rear neck, bigger heat waves including arms, chest and neck. Long salivating aftertaste, mild flavour. Starting to affect breathing, slowing. Nice aroma, mild candy floral.
4. Dark orange now, high thickness, big herbal strength aroma on liquor. Inner chest menthol cooling feeling.
5. Ear palpitation, energy rising up to the back of head. Very smooth texture, quite high thickness. Lots of swirling energy at the back of head and neck, quite strong in that respect.

Later steeps:
6. Big waves coming up from lower abdomen, growing and moving up to the face, motion up the face and out to sides. Emergent floral aroma rising up into nose. Two columns of energy moving up and down on either side of the spine. Inspiration, goosebumps along arms.
7. Vibrations felt along whole upper body, face numbing. Very pleasant energy along whole face, head, and waves throughout the upper back. Surprisingly low astringency even at this stage.
8. Noticeable increase in sweetness happening now, thick liquor moves down and stimulates more waves as it lowers down. Very soft texture, mild flavour.
9. Very mild flavour, low astringency, very little aroma, but powerful slow vibrating waves throughout body, slight cooling and feeling lighter.

I continued getting renewed energy waves through 13 steeps and I stopped, but for many hours afterwards my baseline energy was altered, felt uplifted and slightly cooled for at least 4-6 hours afterwards. I felt a distinct feeling of frisson waves on inhalation even after going to sleep and waking up the next day. Remarkable and enjoyable sensation which reminds me a great deal of the Wistaria Qingteng in terms of long-lasting elevated qi with some cooling. Highly recommended and a truly great value.


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