2007 CYH Yiwu Ziwang

// Published December 2, 2016 by mgualt

26 Nov 2016, 3.5g/60ml gaiwan [8.7]

First taste from new cake. Medium-high compression.

Strong and clear tobacco note on dry leaf, very pungent tobacco notes which sustain into the damp leaf, liquor, aroma etc.  It is the strongest tobacco scent I have encountered in puerh till now. Vague similarity to the WS Qingteng aroma but that one is more perfume and less clearly tobacco. Also quite similar to the ZRYF 2013 which was not as strongly tobacco as this.

Even just the wash induced waves of energy down the neck, swirling energy in the legs and chest. Pleasant mouthfeel and active aftertaste. Remarkable experience even after just the wash. Rich perfume in addition to the tobacco.

  1. Sharp pungent florals on the gaiwan lid, background tobacco. Thick, viscous,  throat coating, and clear energy vibrations in the skin of upper body.
  2. Excellent liquor aroma of pungent florals, incredibly intense perfume. Warming to the center of chest, shoulders, slight Darjeeling note which reappears later on, sweet overall taste, huigan, prickly heat and radiative cooling. Sharp tobacco.
  3. Truly remarkable liquor aroma of pungent floral perfume. Astringency at top sides of mouth, leading to juicy aftertastes. Oil/gas strength effect. Very nice integration of tobacco with pungent florals. The qi effect is relaxing, slowing of time, rising energy activity overall.  Prickly ears and face, paralysis feeling, slow breath.
  4. Somewhat rougher texture, sleep-inducing, fascinating flavour. Strength effect, chest and neck lightness, slowing sleepy paralysis effect. “OMG”
  5. Powerful relaxation effect continues and I take a break.
  6. Continued qi effect. Huge empty cup aroma even after hours away.
  7. There is a note of roasted fish now, with some leather and Darjeeling tea (could be Assam tea also, but a classic Indian tea note)
  8. Much less thick now, still bright orange. Very nice activity on tongue, juicy and metallic
  9. More astringency, tannins, more bitterness, much like a strong black tea.

This was a fascinating session, a feast for the senses with a beautiful combination of moist, pungent tobacco with sharp sweet florals and a long-lasting enveloping aroma. Consistency between the liquor, taste, aroma, and leading to a strong and pleasant body effect with both the paralysis/ultra-relaxation and the feeling of energy waves circulating in the body.   In this session I only got 9 pleasant steeps, perhaps it is due to the small amount of material or perhaps it is the character of the tea.  Highly, highly recommended.

2007 Chenyuan Hao Yiwu

2007 Chen Yuanhao Yiwu Zi Wang (2007 陈远号 易武之王) 250g



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