2004 YQH Zhencang Chawang USA stored

// Published December 10, 2016 by mgualt

Left hand side is the 400g taiwan stored, right hand side is 500g USA stored.

Consecutive tastings of 400g cake stored in Taiwan till 2016 and a USA stored 500g version (sample from EG).

10 Dec 2016, 4g/70ml shibo. [7.3]

I will describe the USA stored tea in comparison with my ZC cake.

Dry leaf is herbal and slightly younger sheng smell, more pungent. Very pleasant dry smell.

Damp smell is more bready, banana bread, slight funk in the sense of sweet fermented fruit.

Wet smell is quite woody, herbal, sweet and reminds me a great deal of a nice yancha smell with some faint carbon smell.

Wash is very light beige, sweet, with some astringency. Right from the wash it is clear that this is the same tea as the 400g version, unmistakable profile.  Slight fermentation funk. The oily/gas strength feeling is stronger in this tea.

  1. slight funk on liquor, mouth coating, high thickness and sweet. Pungent medium-strength of aroma on the empty cup, stronger than the 400g. Feeling energy motion in the back of the head and lightness in the shoulders. Behind the face and through the neck and arms.
  2. There is a savoury oily/gas strength effect which is more noticeable behind the sweetness of this version.  Qi effect is very strong, similar to the 400g version, with two columns of rising waves in the ribcage which circulate in the chest.
  3. Very thick and viscous, without stickiness.  Significant huigan, stronger than the 400g. Relaxation and long-lasting cooling sweetness in the mouth. Slightly stronger aroma at this stage. Frisson waves continue
  4. Dominant arrival taste is wood spice and bready sweetness as well as oily/gas strength effect.  The aroma experience permeates whole mouth throat and nose.  Some mild bitterness does show, more than the 400g.  Also astringency is significant on the sides of the mouth, accompanied with more clean sweetness.
  5. Strength effect is much more prominent at this stage with this tea.  Significantly more astringency and huigan, very thick texture.
  6. Even stronger thicker texture, more astringent but still very pleasant sweetness and leaves a darkness/roastiness/yancha in the late aftertaste.

Looking at the material it is remarkable how much darker the 400g from Taiwan is, dominantly brown, whereas this tea is dominantly greenish-brown.  I have a preference for the 400g version as it has this kind of austere delivery of the wonderful qi experience and mouthfeel, with significantly less funkiness and less fruitiness. But the USA stored tea has bigger huigan and has more of that oily strength effect which I tend to like. But in reality these are very recognizably the same tea and I would be extremely happy to own either version.


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