2009 Dayi 7542

// Published December 11, 2016 by mgualt

7542-903 from Wilson, 4.7g/85ml Novák pot

Annoying small broken dry leaf, like 0622.  Dry aroma is sweet oily strength, no off aroma.

Wet: strength, pungent, medicinal

Wash is thick, slight sweetness, very clean, no funk.  Nice small aftertaste of minty herbs.

  1. Good huigan and aroma, dominant taste is savoury bitter black tea
  2. Can be bitter if pushed, but very full flavour mouthcoat and thick texture high cohesion.
  3. Clear, red, dark and thick liquor, medium energy waves, brief qi experience.  Some warming.
  4. Medium strength qi experience but bold flavour

Main criticism is that it has too close a resemblance to black tea, but this may be the nature of 7542 chopped leaf with tips.  Very clean example and accelerated aging.  Pleasant experience but I much prefer 8582 from e.g. 05 or 06.

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