1994 CNNP 8582

// Published December 30, 2016 by mgualt

30 Dec 2016
4.7g/90ml gaiwan, sample from KJW

The dry leaves have no discernible aroma, as far as I can tell.
Wet: there is a telltale storage aroma, wet storage, rocks, mineral, although no fermentation funk.
The wash is sweet, mineral wet storage, there is immediate gentle energy at base of skull, and sweetness on the very tip of the tongue. There’s even a resinous sweet aroma. Fine tannins. Immediately wondering if it could have some shu in it.  But the spent leaves mostly do not appear to be shu.

  1. Creamy, sweet aftertaste, very shu-like but without the fermentation aroma.
  2. Sweet, heating.  It dawns on me now that the aroma which I described as wet rocks and minerals could easily be interpreted as camphor.
  3. Dark red but still clear, mental alertness and calm.

Most likely a traditional storage or a mix with shu.  Never becomes opaque, remains clear, gets darker till the 5th steep, then lightens up.  No waves of qi except for that initial tiny feeling on the initial sip.  Also, the floral pungent aromas persist for only the first three cups.

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