2003 Purple Dayi 7542

// Published January 15, 2017 by mgualt

13 Jan 2017
4.4g/Novak Shibo

A radically different tea from any I’ve yet had. An amazing outlier. Thank you A.H. for the sample. Delicate crispy flaky large material in loose compression. The dominant taste of this tea is singularly bitter, not in intensity but the style of bitterness is broad but not aggressive. Maybe aloe vera water or a medicinal tisane would be the closest reference. The aroma is subtle and comes out in tiny wisps in mid-sip, resinous florals. Impressive juicy aftertaste especially on sides and back of tongue. The body effect and energy are quite incredible, like streams of water going down the back, inspiring pins and needles sensation, intense cool energy waves build over 5 mins, dropping and returning again after long delays. Surges of mind clearing energy… This is really one for the doctors to puzzle about. I feel fantastic.


Detailed notes:

Loose, flaky, shiny leaves, arome of strong spicy strength. No geosmin. Dry storage (Dry HK storage from LZ!)

Damp: Sweet fruity aroma
Wash: Slight smoke/fatty soap, quite clear yellow-orange. Spicy on throat, bittersweet and active. No geosmin. Penetrating oil-gas strength. Lingering briny coating the mouth. Alertness. Frisson around back and arms. Thick texture.

  1. Stewed grapes? very sweet fruit aroma on wet leaf. Main taste is very unusual. Bitter complex herbs, medicinal, very deep stomach feeling. Strong huigan. Sweet scent on empty cup. Super high thickness and cohesiveness.
  2. Mild bittersweet/savoury main taste, big sweet/spicy aftertaste, concentrated in the extreme sides of mouth. Emergent aroma in the back of throat. Mind is altered with a slight stoning effect.
  3. Remarkable broad bitter initial taste and a big wave of energy from the center of chest moving down and outwards. Vibrating sensation in the arms and legs, pins and needles on the face.
  4. Sensation of a downward washing stream of water along back and through the chest and abdomen. Bitter complex initial taste followed much later by intense salivation. Quite unusual in style and intensity.  Aroma is quite muted but fresh and sweet.  Full body excitement frisson, talking with great emotion and a whole-body integrated excitement and uplift.
  5. Now catching a glimpse of resinous floral aromas in mid-sip, ephemeral but clear.  Superb energy coarsing throughout body, exemplary, head pulsating in a pleasant way.
  6. Rebounding waves, 5 minute ramp-up, >5minute rest and a returning ramp, continuing for 3 or 4 cycles.
  7. Continuing thickness, low astringency, very special bitterness — not acute bitterness but a gentle all-encompassing bitterness, such as in a unsweetened herbal tisane.
  8. Surges of mind-clearing energy.
  9. Intensity of body effect is increasing still… This insanity goes on for several more steeps…



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