2000 Manzhuan via KR

// Published February 1, 2017 by mgualt

29 Jan 2017, 4.5g/85ml shibo [6.6]

Thanks to Wooju for this sample. Dry and damp leaf has some funky fruity fermentation aroma, slight geosmin but very light.  Wet leaf is very clean, wash is dark brown, some dried mushroom, quite similar to Chaga mushroom tea. Not very thick at start. No aroma on empty cup after wash

  1. Very clear, with brown tint, some resin aroma on the empty cup. Medium thickness, very clean arrival, gentle. Interesting tingling at the side of the mouth up to the ear, activating skin around the ear and in the ear.
  2. Closer to the 80s Laos puer I tried. Camphor taste, clearing energy, center rear of ribs are activated.
  3. Nostalgia/yearning type sensation on exhalation
  4. Quite strong frisson, ramping up and medium-high intensity
  5. Some tickly spiciness in the rear of throat. Very gentle and pure flavour, building heat in chest and arms.
  6. Now getting some oily strength in aftertaste as well as a menthol/camphor cooling effect on mouth.
  7. Heat, mild frisson, good buzzing aftertaste.

The storage becomes more prominent in the later steeps and the geosmin increases, giving earthiness and some leather. This is a darker, more fermented/aged tea with fewer high notes.  I continued steeping for another 10 steeps or so because the qi was still quite effective.


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