2007 XZH Diangu

// Published February 1, 2017 by mgualt

28 Jan 2017
4.9g/Novak Shibo [7.3]

Fluffy copper large leaves, sweet aged aroma. Wet leaf is fruity, stewed grapes.  Wash is sweet, herbal with good aroma and some smoke. Slightly savoury.

  1. Medium-high thickness full mouthfeel, sweet with strength effect.
  2. Some bitterness and strength comes out with slightly longer steep. Dark orange. Very good darker empty cup aroma, resin but savoury. Bitter gasoline strength. Very herbal and medicinal, warmth, relaxation
  3. Slight genmaicha smell, roast with grassy aroma.  Medium thickness, aroma does not last long in the cup.
  4. Whole-tongue huigan, penetrating chemical content. Face activation, numb face, neck, ribs, sweetness on tip of tongue. Great oil/gas strength, feeling of motion from the back of the head along the skin to the face and then through the face.
  5. Sweet, very full mouthfeel, strong taste, dark red.
  6. good longevity, still quite strong, bitter and deep colour.

I enjoyed this sample from KJW quite a bit, much better than the 2009 Diangu which I have.  I’m not compelled to buy it but it is definitely attractive and interesting. And great leathery large leaves and good material.

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