2013 CYH Yiwu Gushu

// Published February 1, 2017 by mgualt

18 Jan 2017, 4.7g/85ml Yixing [8.2]

Very grateful for this sample from Su.  High sweet vinegar pungency on the dry leaf. Wash is initially sweet with a fresh floral scent. Good back-mouth coating. Fantastic empty cup aroma of wildflowers and perfume of dry summer fields, very sweet hay-like aroma.

  1. Tiny amount of fresh smoke on liquor. Very thick, cloudy, and sweet. Juicy on the sides of the mouth. Remarkable resinous content, super pungent aroma.
  2. Striking long-lasting pungent regenerating resin aroma.
  3. Some smoke persists, slight interesting bitterness, high-medium thickness, very deep coating mouthfeel, quite sweet-savoury.  Want to drink more of it, moreish. Gentle and slow-moving frisson, gentle waves to the chest and back.
  4. Super thick now, gentle complex bitterness, gentle body frisson, and an incredible aroma, one of the best of any young tea i’ve experienced. Even after eating the aroma persists. Frisson on ribs, back, activation of skin, clear mind and pungent resins.
  5. Excitement, feel great, inspired. Liquor aroma has gentle smoke, very clear orange-yellow now.
  6. Bitter becomes more clear and a good mixture with sweet. High thickness.
  7. Incense sensation, not sandalwood but something like Tibetan monestary formula incense. Full throat coat,
  8. Aroma much reduced over the next few steeps, longer steep required and quite bitter at longer steeps.

The body effect of this tea is very enjoyable, uplifting and inspiring, and gentle. The mouthfeel and texture are also bold and notable. But by far the best aspect in this tasting was the remarkable pungent resinous aroma which was so persistent and seemed to coat the cups and my throat with a layer of flowery perfume.


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