2005 Dayi 7542-502

// Published March 9, 2017 by mgualt

502-7542 from 志全許/ March 9, 2017 / 6.0

3.3g/60ml Yixing pot, filtered tap water.

Dry: clean, oily strength, sweet spice
Damp: some perfumy herbal funk
Wash: Slight funk, quite compressed, slight soap. Both go away after the wash.

  1. Orange liquor, tiny amount of smoke, sweet arrival, with later savoury/briny/juicy aftertaste. Classic taste, clean, no geosmin, no funk whatsoever. Clove and/or cardamom on the wet leaf.
  2. Some bitterness apparent, complex bittersweet dominant taste, very soft texture, mouth-coating right to the back of the throat. Strong salivation and sweet pungent empty cup aroma.
  3. Sweet aromatic herbal arrival with complex bitterness.  Very late aftertaste has some vegetal or overbrewed note, but this is very faint.
  4. Superb aroma now, both on the liquor and on the empty cup. Pungent high florals, complex bittersweet dominant taste with a savoury aftertaste.  Some relaxation and significant heat.
  5. Medium thickness overall. Pungent resin aroma continues.
  6. Superb empty cup aroma, pungent sweet honey and flowers
  7. Very light astringency throughout, no problem at all with astringency for drinking now. Oily gasoline penetration effect on mouth surfaces.
  8. Testing with a longer steep — it gets bitter, with a stronger huigan.

Perhaps due to the smaller sample size, I did not feel any significant qi effects except for some strong heating and relaxation.  This tea is much drier stored than the 502-8582 or 501-7542 that I have tried. The leaves are greener and the liquor has more bitterness and high floral aromas than those teas.  It has a very classic complex and dynamic flavour profile, with sweet, bitter and savoury/juicy and a lot going on in terms of aroma.  I would need to try a few more times to determine if there is a flaw in the late aftertaste or if larger quantities would lead to a better energy flow experience.

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