2003 CNNP 7542

// Published April 15, 2017 by mgualt

2 Jan 2017.  Thanks to Wang Kou Jou for the sample.

Dry: sweet resin and wood smoke
Damp: Clean smokiness
Rinse: Strength effect on the mouth surfaces, medium smoky. Orange-dark yellow. Savoury and sweet.  Empty cup has benzoin resin aroma.

1. Savoury smoky arrival, oily penetrating strength. Aftertaste affects the throat, mild sweetness but more briny and savoury. Has some of the Xiaguan smoke style.
2. Quite strong waves of energy now. Well-integrated smoke. Smoke appears on initial taste. Very thick soup texture, with emergent aroma. Sweet and savory with some background bitterness.
3. Full bold taste. Initial smoke, then oily strength generating frisson, and then sweet and grippy aftertaste, and with a pungent aroma emerging from mouth.
4. Salivation, oily penetrating strength.
5. More strength
6. Smoky arrival, sweet finish

The material looks to be quite good, better than most of the factory cakes I’ve sampled from this period.  Pleasant to drink now but would benefit for more years of storage for the smoke to dissipate.  Clean dry storage.

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