BYH 2016 Mahei

// Published May 3, 2017 by mgualt

BYH 2016 Mahei, 3 May 2017 [5.2]
5.5g/100ml gaiwan

The wash has the classic clean slightly smoky young sheng, bright yellow and bitter. I mention the smoke but the taste is not smoky.  Active aftertaste, thick texture, and quite good pungent perfume. Lid smell has smoke and some quite sharp earthy peat moss funkiness, which goes away after a couple of steeps.

  1. Liquor is quite aromatic, rises up easiliy.  Very good empty cup aroma. Very thick texture. Much salivation and gyokuro/matcha green-ness and umami juiciness.  Not astringent. Concentrated heat in the chest and arms.
  2. Bitter arrival, juicy and aromatic finish. Lots of aroma off liquor again. Definitely has some in common with the stiffer W2T 2016. Very juicy aftertaste. Prickly heat. Big body effect begins, quite surprising.Powerful frisson, pins and needles, long juicy and briny salivating finish. Dry pungent resin aroma.
  3. Lid aroma is sweet and grassy. Still has low astringency but significant bitterness. Waves throughout the shoulders and back. Good ECA. Some delay and then  major body effect, shivers. Floral bitterness of classic young sheng.
  4. Dark yellow at 15s. Sweeter now, high thickness and slightly more astringency peeking through
  5. Renewed energy, very alerting
  6. Taste becomes less interesting, more bitter, but the aftertaste is quite strong, long steeps are light in taste and aroma but major qi waves. Long aftertaste is sweet.

This would be a bit too harsh and young for me to enjoy at this stage, but the powerful body effect and the aftertaste juiciness/salivation are good indicators and made it an interesting session.  Note that the astringency is quite low actually, though the bitterness (which is of an interesting kind) is strong.  I can definitely see the resemblence between the 2012 and the 2016, it’s easy for me to believe they are closely related.

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