BYH Mahei 2012

// Published May 3, 2017 by mgualt

BYH 2012 Mahei, 26 Apr 2017 [6.0]
5.5g/100ml gaiwan

Strong minty Taiwan storage on dry leaf, with a touch of old warehouse. Clean but with a strong herbal mintiness when damp.  Clean, light and active wash.

  1. Clean, gentle, slightly sweet, herbal, mild empty cup aroma but nice.  Significant heating beginning quite quickly. Very thick and soft texture.
  2. Briny on the edges of tongue, oily strength effect on the rear tongue and throat. More heat. The arrival is very quiet but it develops into a full briny herbal taste. Very good emergent aroma of darker pungent perfume.  Gasoline strength effect and lingering juiciness on the center rear tongue intensifying.
  3. Excellent lid aroma of pungent dark perfume. Gentle uplifting frisson starting.  Some bitterness initially leading to more strength effect, salty, very nice long aftertaste with intense heat, sweating.
  4. Empty cup aroma is superb, just as the lid aroma earlier. Leathery aromas, fresh leather, fallen autumn leaves, wood, furniture oil.  Qi fountain effect, not so much frisson but outward motion from the centerline towards the outer skin.
  5. Bitter -> Blank taste -> Briny -> Juicy with dark pungent perfume aroma and leather. Waves of energy from the center of ribs.  Astringency is noticeable but not strong. There is a touch of oolong aroma. Frisson.  Youth is showing on the stomach, the feeling of rawness.
  6. Aroma of liquor is maintained after getting cold, still delivers frisson.
  7. Big wave of neck and back frisson
  8. Strength continues but the taste and aroma is much diminished.

Early and mid steeps have nice aromas of darker perfume, leather, fallen autumn leaves, wood, furniture oils. Taste is full,  briny, and herbal, with plenty of gasoline strength effect penetrating the center and rear tongue.  Strongly heating, and with an interesting qi motion effect from centerline towards the outer skin.  It shows a lot of youth still and can upset the stomach, though with low astringency.



  1. Zachery Wolf
    May 7, 2017 @ 9:37 pm

    Strong seeming for a yiwu. Is this the house taste?

    • mgualt
      May 7, 2017 @ 10:29 pm

      I’ve had a number of teas from this maker. There are similarities in processing, but the taste and aroma highlights in this Mahei are not common to, e.g. the Yiwu 2004-2006 or Manzhuan 2004-6 productions. On the other hand, the 2016 Mahei is certainly very close to this tea in several ways.


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