2000 Essence of Tea Green Peacock

// Published May 4, 2017 by mgualt

4 May 2017, 5.5g/100ml gaiwan [6.2]

Dry leaf has a mineral/plastic smell and the damp leaf has some warehouse, but no geosmin or fermentation funk.  When wet, the aroma is very attractive, with the ringing smoke note of XG or Simao Fangcha.   Strong but not super strong compression

Very much in the smoke style of XG 8653 but significantly better than the 8653 i’ve tried so far.  Very powerful with lots of productive bitterness and oily strength, juicy aftertastes and very smooth on the throat, minimal astringency.  Medium thickness. Waves of alertness and frisson, as well as intense heat with sweating, and it lasts quite a long time, giving great intensity of flavour and effects even at steep 10.  Dominant bitter-savoury initial taste, with smoke,  and then long aftertaste of juicy oily strength and smooth down the throat.  Dark orange to red, and especially enjoyable in the later steeps, where it is more balanced and elegant and the juiciness is more prominent.  Lots of punch with minimal astringency and smoke tamed by age.

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