2010 BYH Yiwu Zhengshan

// Published May 19, 2017 by mgualt

2010 Biyun Hao Yiwu Zhengshan Conservation Area

19 May 2017, 5.5g/100ml gaiwan

Very nice material, large leaves, loose compression. Very minty/herbal/sweet Taiwanese storage aroma but with an edge, something aged or woody with some charcoal.

When damp, there is some fruity mushroom, slight funk. The wash is light orange-rose with some very slight smoke on aroma.  This tea is not smoky.  Wet, there is a very familiar pungent tomato aroma, no smoke, perhaps it reminds me of the YQH Dingjipin or perhaps the Qizhong. The wash is sweet, with an aged taste, pure, thick and active on the deep tongue.

  1. Moreish, sweet and salivating. Plums, strawberry, Hami melon, very sweet indeed. Heat and uplift right off the bat.  The throat opens and there is an expansive feeling in the chest.  There is a nice but subtle empty cup aroma, with wisps of woody resin.
  2. Reminds more of Dingjipin and Qizhong aroma. Soft, thick texture, dark orange. Major energy flow begins. Legs, arms, skin on the sides of face, arms and torso. Active on inhalation, very intense.  Again the empty cup aroma is nice but quite weak.
  3. Sweet herbal aroma but with dark background. Big frisson. Calming, slowing. Excellent feeling. Rosinous aroma on lid, more aged type of sheng aroma. Fountain of circulating energy, very mobile, liquidy.  Chest rising to head. Very nice sweet aftertaste
  4. Aroma is more intense now coming off the liquor. Dark orange continues.
  5. Strength, heat, mouth effect on the center rear tongue and a bit on the top of the mouth.
  6. More waves of energy and emergent aroma very pleasant.
  7. Woody mild incense on gaiwan lid. No ECA
  8. After a long break, sweet but with some bitterness, woody mild aroma.
  9. Floral, lilac, metallic, less sweet but more subtle bittersweet.
  10. Some astringency shows on long steeping, complex bittersweet with gripping aftertaste. Very good in the late steeps if pushed hard.




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