2001 CNNP Green Mark

// Published June 20, 2017 by mgualt

2001 CNNP Green Mark
Sample from Mike Pong, Malaysia storage.  Yiwu + Yibang old tree/wild.

5g/85ml qsn Yixing, Tetsubin water. [8.2]

Thank you again to Mike Pong for this very generous sample, a great example of pure Malaysia natural dry storage on a 2001 CNNP cake.

Dry leaves look somewhat like 7542, small to medium-size leaves with a mixture of lighter and darker leaves. Thick stems, not overly chopped but also not intact leaves.  Wet leaf has a clear smokiness and strength aroma.  The wash has a floral-smoke combination aroma.  No geosmin, no funkiness whatsoever.

  1. Dark orange from the start. Very good empty cup aroma, attractive sweet resin aroma, more woody than perfumy. The woody resin mixed with the smokiness gives a very clear incense-like signature.  Tart on the sides of the tongue, depth of feeling on the rear of tongue
  2. Fruity tartness, oily strength effect, long lasting rear tongue coating effect.  A kind of weight in the rear tongue and throat.
  3. High thickness and oily texture.  The texture is quite excellent now, super soft mouthcoat, gripping the mouth and opening the throat. Slowing breathing, superb uplift effect coming now.  Slow and gentle feeling of uplift.  Some frisson in the upper back moving with the breath.
  4. Luxurious texture continues, remarkable combination of thick texture but not viscous or gloopy.
  5. After a rest, uplift returns very quickly on restart. Mouthcoat also returns.  Floral smokiness still there. Much more juicy now in the aftertaste.
  6. Longer steep gives more bitterness and a blast of frisson. Very full salivating flavour, full body waves. This tea is really excellent with longer steeps. Face, neck, legs frisson. Good feelings.
  7. The frisson continues and I would say that it is not super intense, but rather gentle and very clear. Comfortable level of energy effect.
  8. Longer steeps now, giving more brininess in the flavour, nice changing tastes.
  9. Still very thick and soft. No humid storage notes at all, no black tea notes at all, even with these very long steeps.
  10. Thermos steep 1 gives a great deal of heat and sweating, as well as refreshed frisson
  11. Thermos steep 2 very enjoyable mouthfeel and heat continues.

My second try with this tea was done with Tetsubin water and a yixing pot, in an attempt to raise the heat and strength of the steeps. Definitely a good idea, with the tea performing even better this time.  The taste profile of this tea is pretty close to a good 7542 which also has some subtle smokiness left in it. It lasts significantly longer than the usual 7542 though, I think.  I really enjoyed the great combination of heat, frisson and uplifting feelings given by the tea, which was in no way overpowering.  But my favourite aspect of the tea was the great texture of the tea — it is not very viscous but had a very nice thickness and adherence to the mouth which amplified the taste. I believe it is caused by having good tannins which adhere to the mouth without creating the rough coating you often get with young tea.  Thanks again to Mike for the sample and for the brewing advice.


  1. Mike Pong
    July 15, 2017 @ 8:21 pm

    A great review.


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