2003 Red Dayi 7542-301

// Published August 26, 2017 by mgualt

Aug 26, 2017
6g in 85ml Yixing [6.4]
Damp: Active spicy herbal sweet aroma
Wash: Immediately savoury.

  1. Plum floral blossom aroma on wet leaf. Slick texture is noticeable right away. Very slick on mouth. Active strength on roof and tongue. Very good empty cup aroma of pungent dark sweet fruits. Gives small frissons from the first steep. The savoury and slightly briny liquor and the mild astringency, together with the floral pungent aroma, gives a very concentrated taste.
  2. Very tart full arrival. Remarkably intense on this steep. Tartness and flavour shoot up the sides of the tongue and throat right to the upper sides. Quite strong gripping mouthfeel.
  3. Tart plums with herbal background. Quite oily. Medium astringency.  Can feel depth, descending, big waves of energy from shoulder->chest->stomach->legs.  Caramelized fruity aroma on empty cup.
  4. Quite strong face vibrations/numbness and major body effect. Gasoline strength on upper mouth and a quite strong astringency and bitterness are punching now.
  5. Aroma is caramelized fruits and floral with some faint smoke. Honey.  Very full flavour and waves of energy.
  6. Much purer experience now, opening of throat, depression of center tongue. Central column of active energy from base of head down through the rear ribs. Powerful frisson. Late juiciness.
  7. It is rapidly losing strength now, more subtle, but good steep. Herbal-floral arrival, thick sweeter development and a juicy-sides and growing astringency in the aftertaste, and a mild but good caramelized empty cup aroma.
  8. After leaving the tea and coming back after several hours, I would say it is strongly perfumed with this floral smoke, similar to some sweeter Tibetan incenses. Still there is strength effect on the upper mouth.
  9. Full mouthcoat, more tea-like taste, floral aroma
  10. Still maintains its savoury and briny base taste, grows milder and milder, maintains some clear orange colour.

Some comparisons: Much sweeter than the 2003 purple dayi 7542, more floral and similar energy effects to the 501-7542, actually quite a bit more similar to my 502-7542. Material is quite chopped, much more than for example 901-7542 which it doesn’t share much in common with at all.  I believe that as a result of the chopped leaves, the tea gives a big boom in the first five steeps and then slowly decreases in strength.  But that blast in the first five steeps is very impressive, with a remarkable gripping and tart mouthfeel with complex taste experience in steeps 2 and 3, and a very strong qi experience with central column of energy and a facial numbness.  The throat feel is also very nice, with sensations reaching deep in the throat.  Two things which stand out especially with this tea are the floral-incense aroma and the savoury-briny liquor punctuated by the early steeps which have a blast of tart plumminess.  Thank you again to Mike Pong for this sample of natural Malaysia stored tea from Menghai Tea Factory.

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