2003 CNNP Yellow Label

// Published November 12, 2017 by mgualt

A re-taste of a 2003 CNNP yellow label with Malaysia storage, part of a generous sample from Mike Pong.  5g/85ml Yixing. [8.1]

Dry and damp leaf have only light aroma. Wet leaf is totally clean, slightly sweet, bitter greens. Deep sweet aroma. No funk, no smoke.

  1. Thick. Sweet juicy sensation with sweet incense ECA. ECA also has some brown sugar. Thick, slight chocolate milk effect.
  2. Warming. Upper mouth is well coated. Warming of the heart, very specific center of chest.  Very thick. Opens throat. Rear throat. slow breathing. Floral incense. Chocolate milk.
  3. Sweet floral resin. Chocolate. Strong tannins, slightly higher astringency. Very good emergent pungent aroma. Persimmon.
  4. Liquor has an aroma of strength and sweetness. Frisson.  When liquor is cold, much sweter, more incense, and more gasoline-oiliness.
  5. Gasoline power. Strong effect in mouth, very intense medicinal effect on mouth.
  6. Sweetness and woody strength, wood oil.
  7. The uplifting mood begins.
  8. Very satisfying taste, but does have a background which resembles the pungency of young sheng.  Uplift becomes much more pronounced.

This was excellent in the first tasting and it was even better this time, brewed in a Yixing and at a slightly higher concentration. The most memorable aspects of this tea are its thickness, sweet floral incense aroma, oily-gasoline-medicinal power which gives particularly strong heating in the center of the chest, leading to uplift later on.  The storage is particularly clean, with no mustiness.



  1. Ben M
    November 22, 2017 @ 10:12 pm

    I just stumbled upon your tea blog here. Great reviews- keep ’em coming. I love Malaysian storage. Have you tried the Dayi Pink from Wilson yet? I seriously suggest you try it.

    • mgualt
      November 22, 2017 @ 10:19 pm

      Thanks for your comment. I would like to try Wilson’s Pink Dayi, but I can’t justify shipping only for that 50g sample 🙂 Perhaps in future.


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