2011 Biyun Hao Jingmai

// Published December 30, 2017 by mgualt

2011 紫野號 景邁 (看底部有一個中文翻譯)

Most of the Biyun Hao I’ve tried is either Yiwu or Manzhuan, so it’s very interesting to try this Jingmai, from Lancang county, Simao (Puer) Prefecture.

The damp leaf has some food spices, maybe cardamom and cloves, and this has enough Taiwan storage to show some fruity funkiness. The wet leaf has high ringing floral notes and a light (not deep or dark) sweetness.

From the start the quality of the mouthfeel is clear, with a very good coating, and a feeling of strength with salivation. Thick, super adherent and thirst quenching.

The residual aroma is a superb, resinous face-powder, quite pungent but not super sweet, more sweet-vinegary. Not woody. Slightly tart.  This residual aroma and taste is very persistent. Powder, perfume, florals.

I’ve had this a few times and has a consistent strong warming effect, with radiating heat and calmness.  Mood enhancing, not euphoria but contentment.  There is a slight dazing effect, giving pause and blank mind.

In mid-steeps, a superb mouthcoat reaching to the rear throat. A flavour of mild sweet grains. Very pure experience. The flavour also tends towards licorice and baking spices, but in the upper register, i.e. light and airy.

On longer steeps it gets quite orange-yellow, and some mild bitterness shows.  It has a quite thick texture and gives quite a lot of warmth now.

In the late steeps, you can get some sweet green oolong notes, perhaps this is how the youth shows. It doesn’t have much astringency, and there is a good incense aroma that comes after the pungency of the powder recedes.

I don’t have enough experience with Jingmai  —  this is a lighter profile than what I’m used to with the Yiwu and Manzhuan teas, you could say it’s more ethereal or airy, but it does have the classic strength aspects which I am used to.  I appreciate the superb mouthcoat, the warming and mood enhancing effect, and the powdery perfume residual aroma.









我對經脈的經驗不夠 – 這是比我習慣的義烏和滿專茶更輕盈的形象,你可以說它更加空靈或通風,但它確實有我用過的經典力量方面至。我欣賞高超的大衣,溫暖和情緒增強效果,以及粉狀香水殘留的香氣。

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