2009 Yangqing Hao 888 Gongpin Yu Cang

// Published June 23, 2018 by mgualt


Thanks to Patrick for the chance to taste a younger Yangqing Hao cake.  The initial steep is quite a bit lighter and yellow-beige than the norm for my mid-2000s YQH teas. Thick and clear. There is significantly less of the characteristic Yangqing Hao storage taste in this younger tea than in the 2004 or 2006 cakes, for example.

  1. Very good aftertaste effect. Reminds me more of BYH than the older YQH. Thick. It hints at GFZ taste but not exclusively.  Much bigger huigan now, and quite sweet indeed.
  2. YQH taste is almost gone. Very satisfying Yiwu with strong aftertaste sweetness. Stimulation of the rear throat is very obvious and strong.  Heat is quite intense even at the second steep. Emergent pungent aroma. Intense salivating sweetness.
  3. Growing astringency now. Plenty of good bittersweet thickness. Definitely reminds me of GFZ and CWS, but fuller and with more overall sweetness and complex taste.
  4. In late steeps the clean gushu type profile becomes most prominent, complex subtle bittersweetness, thick texture.

This is a younger example of YQH which has a more complex bittersweetness and a less aged profile while retaining a lot of sweetness.  Very satisfying Yiwu blend, with GFZ and CWS notes peeking through a rich background.  I definitely got a lot of heat from this and some relaxation.  Reminds me a lot of BYH I’ve had from this general area 2007-2012. Based on the mouthfeel, aroma, aftertaste and complexity I would prefer this over say the 2006 CWS or Qixiang, as well as the 2004 Tejipin. But in terms of energetic experience, it doesn’t shine as brightly as those.

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