2017 W2T “Fuck What You Heard”

// Published July 6, 2018 by mgualt

5 July 2018

The dry leaf has a striking pungent aroma.  Wet, the leaves have a deep sweet pungency with a slight tomato vine or vinegar aroma.

  1. Thick, some suds. Pungent resin. Darker sweet pungent profile, not oolong, not too green. Quite good, and immediate warmth. Very light colour, a beige with green highlights.  Clear weight of aftertaste on the rear throat.
  2. Remarkable empty cup aroma of pungent perfume, intoxicating.  Taste does have some sweet oolong notes.
  3. Complex bittersweet profile with a sweet finish and a strong emergent aroma. Some numbness of the cheeks and neck. Very slight acidity on the sides of the tongue. Bright and clear yellow liquor. Excellent level of complex aromatic pungency.  There is a heavy feeling, a calming and a slight slowing.
  4. A longer steep gives much more bitterness and some oiliness.  Not overly thick.  Plenty of sweetness in the finish but it has a higher register. It lacks a certain deeper sweetness which provides a fuller experience.
  5. Still aromatic and pungent. Greenness is felt in the stomach but not in the taste.
  6. Longer steeps give strong bitterness and again a slight oiliness, but interestingly not much astringency at all.

The best aspect of this tea is the complex resinous aroma and the weight of the aftertaste. It has a great deal of bitterness and not much astringency.  The material looks to be a blend of large leaves in good condition, with some variable processing.  In this session it lacks thickness and it skews towards a higher register, and while it does give a feeling of heaviness and slight relaxation, the energetic effect is not remarkable.

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