2014 Teaside Fox

// Published October 2, 2018 by mgualt

A second tea produced in Thailand by Tea-side. The wet leaf is very rich, pungent, no geosmin, no funkiness. Tomato vine.

  1. Oily, sweet, shows youth through its strength rather than green notes. Quite sweet after the swallow, on the tip of the tongue and along the sides.
  2. Sweet and quite juicy, like rockets (tart candy). Strikes me as autumnal. Very good processing, no off tastes, Strawberry, tart berries taste, as well as red grapeskins.
  3. Strongly sweet. Heat. Front of mouth intensity. Reminds me of Autumn Mahei.
  4. Complex bitterness comes out now, with sweetness afterwards. Woody bitters. Pungent aroma.
  5. Longer steep has more acidity and some later astringency, but still ends up quite sweet.

This tea really strongly reminds me of a 2014 Autumn Mahei by Biyun Hao.  It has intense tart sweetness with a lot of wood spices. Soft, round, but with a lot of interesting resinous content.  The unicorn may have nicer leaf material, beefy stems etc. But I found this tea to be slightly more unique and enjoyable.

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