Storage experiment: Dayi 1701-7542, one year in

// Published October 8, 2018 by mgualt

One of my most anticipated tests in the ongoing storage experiment: after teas from W2T and EoT, this is a storage comparison of the 2017 version of the famous Dayi 7542 recipe.  My previous reviews of this tea are here.

Heated tea is on the right.

I stored this tea in Mylar ziploc bags; on the left, the tea was stored at room temperature 24C, and on the right, the tea was stored at 32C, for one year. In both cases, there was no added humidity.  Here are the results.

Visually, both the dry and wet leaves of the heated tea are noticeably darker. But interestingly, at the start, the brewed tea was very slightly lighter for the heated tea. This equalized after a few steeps and eventually the heated tea began to be slightly redder.   It was actually quite difficult to see any difference between the liquor colours.

  1. The heated tea was noticeably sweeter than the unheated, which had a more green-roasty profile.  Both had quite good pungent aroma but the heated tea was lower register and sweeter in aroma.
  2. The liquor aroma on the heated tea is more intense and more woody incense and sweet. The dominant taste is more warm sweetness and the aftertaste is significantly better with the heated tea. The unheated tea is more green, bitter, mineral, and overall muted compared to the heated.
  3. Slight roasty fishy taste, not dissimilar to some Wistaria cakes, on the unheated tea. Liquor smell is pungent incense on the heated tea. Also some nice juiciness shows up on the heated tea. And ECA is pungent on the right as well.
  4. Unheated tea continues its roasty tarry profile.  I tried to determine which was more viscous, difficult to say.
  5. Longer test steep 1:30. Both have high viscosity, difficult to say which is more viscous. Left tea is very roasty. On the right there is a strong warm peach smell off the liquor. Overall sweeter and less roasty on the heated tea.

This comparison was interesting in that the difference was difficult to spot visually or from a texture point of view. The teas were obviously different, but only by taste and smell, and the heated tea was significantly and clearly better, with more attractive initial taste and a nice sweet huigan, as well as the aroma before, while and after drinking.  The pungent content of this tea is very attractive, as is the juiciness/plumminess/acidity which I think is characteristic of 7542, and these were all significantly more intense in the heated tea.  Also, the main unpleasant aspect I noticed in previous tastings was the roasty taste which I find young Dayi teas tend to have, and this is much diminished in the heated sample.






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