1970s Shen Chang Liu Bao

// Published October 5, 2019 by mgualt

A Liubao tea stored in Malaysia, thank you to Su for making such an extraordinary tasting possible. I’ve been trying a bunch of Liubao recently and it has a wide spectrum of fermentation. On the one hand it can be like shou puerh, and on the other it can be like Hong Kong traditional storage sheng puerh. This one does not have HK Trad notes, i.e. no geosmin, and it is a little closer to shou puerh, but the funkiness is extremely mild, and it has the kind of mineral-forward aftertaste which HK Trad or old puerh can sometimes have.

The dry leaf smells a bit of shou – there is a fermentation funk. Warmed, it has warehouse, moss, and concrete.

  1. Cherry, medium thickness, very juicy, and strong mineral finish.
  2. Crystal clear liquor but very dark ruby-maroon colour, very beautiful looking liquor. Some bittersweetness. Excellent balance of flavours.
  3. Long lasting sweet aftertaste.
  4. Great grippiness, sweet, woody
  5. Weakening significantly, has some bitterness and astringency especially in aftertaste
  6. Refreshing, like mineral water. Drying. Astringency, bitterness.

There was quite an uplifting energy in the beginning and then it becomes a kind of settling static/focusing energy, very enjoyable and similar to other aged puerh I have tried.

The above was with 120 TDS water, and I tried it again with 70 TDS water. It lasted a bit longer and did not show astringency. Steeps 5,6,7 highlighted the profile of aged tea. The late aftertaste did have an unusual spiciness/meatiness which I couldn’t pin down.

It was interesting for me to try a tea like this which seems to be in between shou, HK Trad sheng, and old dry-stored sheng. The clean minerality, followed sometimes by the sweet aftertaste, was very good. Good medium-thick silky texture and settling energy. This is not the kind of tea I would recommend for fireworks – the profile is subdued, earthy-mineral, and the energy is very stabilizing. But I enjoy this tea for a comforting and quiet moment.

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