2004 Yangqing Hao Tejipin

// Published June 26, 2020 by mgualt

The 2004 YQH Tejipin is a tea I’ve tasted many times, and my opinion of it often changes. I haven’t reread my first review of it and will only do so after I finish this review.

5.8g/90ml 70s zini F1

The dry leaf has a very characteristic aroma shared by many 2004-2006 YQH: it has a dark slightly funky medicinal aroma with some sweetness. The wash also has a certain “funky” or “off” note which shows the wetter storage character, and the wet leaf has a small amount of damp basement which jives with the aroma of the dry leaf and wash.

  1. Immediately recognizable taste. Herbal, sweet, lemon rind. Bright orange soup. Juicy. Opening of throat sensation. Good throatfeel.
  2. Subtle but moreish. Sweet. Only a touch of woodiness. Mostly red fruit but not really tart at all. Very smooth, quite thick, but the flavour is mild. Definitely represents the gushu style.
  3. Sweet. As before, slight woodiness. There is a milky aftertaste, not explicitly sour but a bit unpleasant, a bit sticky. Very faint aroma on the empty cup or after swallow.
  4. More milkiness, and some faint incense on the empty cup. Flavour consistent
  5. Sweetness and baby carrots are showing now, pretty strongly.
  6. There is a note in the storage character which reminds me a lot of some of the Wistaria teas, even if the teas are quite dissimilar.

My favourite aspects of the Tejipin are the texture and throatfeel, together with the accumulating returning sweetness. There don’t seem to be any noticeable smoke notes here, but there are some significant dank notes: besides the lemony minty esters that one normally gets with YQH, and apart from the damp basement character in the background, there is a kind of milky aftertaste. Energy-wise, I get a lot of face heat from this, and some lethargy and quiet focus. On an empty stomach this tea would be quite strong, but I would not say it is unusually strong for an aged tea with good material.

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