Mattcha’s mystery tea C

// Published August 8, 2020 by mgualt

Blind sampling is very important for calibrating your own tasting ability, but it can be tricky. I enjoy it because it frees me of expectations concerning the tea, but I have to avoid my natural tendency to guess what the tea is, as this can lead to major confirmation bias.

The dry leaf has a minty, midaged, slightly smoky and sweet aroma. The dry material is messy, quite dry/brittle, and appears to be from the mid-2000s, perhaps 2006 or 7.

  1. crystal clear liquor, slightly smoky, rustic. Has a bit of similarity with YQH taste, but more similar to the Shunshixing Yiwu 2002 which I reviewed earlier.
  2. Thick, concentrated mintiness, clean dry storage. Bright orange liquor, crystal clear throughout. Elegant taste, yiwu-ish, but without any plumminess.
  3. Lots of heating, gentle clear energy and leading to plenty of frisson and skin cooling. Not extremely sweet, but has some sweetness, woodiness, and some herbals.
  4. Not very bitter, and low astringency. Good flavour and reliable cooling effect. Well stored.
  5. Very good empty cup aroma, pungent honey, restrained but very nice.

This tea strikes me as a proper mid-aged puerh with dry storage and decent quality material. Well-processed, with a concentrated and enjoyable taste, and reliable energy, giving heating and quite a lot of skin frisson. No fireworks, not a lot of bitterness, not much astringency, but plenty of flavour. Balanced and enjoyable mid-aged tea, and a good example to use as a standard reference.

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