Mattcha’s mystery tea G

// Published August 8, 2020 by mgualt

Very pungent tomato-vine and vinegar aroma indicates a strong, young sheng, as you can see from the wet leaf shown above. I feel like I have tasted this one before, though I can’t recall which one it might be. It could be one of the better teas from Yunnan Sourcing, but I couldn’t say.

  1. Proper young sheng taste, lots of activity in the mouth. Uplift and excitement right away. Quite strong. Aroma is quite powerful, pungent, vinegar.
  2. Pungent still, stronge energy, sweet. Has some green oolong notes. Quite savoury.
  3. Now the energy is super strong, and we get plenty of bitterness, some sweetness and a lot of perfume. Major heating and big frisson afterwards.
  4. Super strong energy continues. Narrow profile, pungent, green, perfumed.

A young sheng on the greener end, with super strong heating and uplift and a narrow profile. Good tea for demonstrating raw energy. Doesn’t seem like a gushu profile, and it doesn’t seem like a wide blend. On the other hand, it doesn’t have a huge amount of astringency. In any case, this is not the profile I usually look for, but as this has so much strength, I can see it as a good choice for aging. This would compare well against some of the mid-to-upper range young sheng from W2T.

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